San Bao Courses

San Bao Martial Arts provide courses in the following: Taiji Shibashi, Taiji Shibashi Instructor, Adult self defence and self defence for women.


Taiji Shibashi coursesTaiji Shibashi Qigong Course

These courses provide a firm grounding in the Taiji Shibashi Qigong system, including how variations in breathing patterns, and the focus of the Yi (Cognitive Mind), affects the Qi flow. The Shibashi are a set of 18 Qigong exercises that focus on health and well-being. Each of them can be practiced individually, or in any variation, but the set is designed so that each exercise blends and flows into the next. More on the Taiji Shibashi Qigong course.




Taiji Shibashi Qigong Instructor Courses

Taiji Shibashi Instructor coursesThe Taiji Shibashi Qigong (十八) Instructors course is designed to provide instructors with all the tools and information needed to teach the Shibashi as true Qigong.


  • Dao-yin exercises
  • Taiji stances
  • The Shibashi exercises
  • Applying 5 Elements within the Shibashi
  • Modifications that can alter the Primary Meridian Pair for specific exercises
  • Alternate breathing
  • Modifications for seated Shibashi
  • Listening Jing

More on the Shibashi Qigong Instructor course.



Adult Self Defence Courses

Our Adult Self Defence courses are not martial arts lessons (although we also provide this service) where it can take many years to become proficient in that art. The adult Self Defence courses teach no-nonsense techniques that are designed to be used in real situations, not in a dojo or competition. Tuition is from experienced self defence instructors who have constructed a course of lessons that enable the client to gain confidence and ability in a shorter time frame and have an awareness of increased personal safety.

More on the adult self defence courses.



Self defence for women

Self Defence for Women

The Self Defence for Women course focuses on practical, no-nonsense, self defence techniques for women. It is not designed to teach all the complexities of a martial art where it can take years of practice before you can defend yourself properly. What it does teach is a method by which you can effectively defend yourself using a handful of proven techniques that will help you overcome most situations.

More on the self defence for women courses.



Taiji touchstones

Bear in mind that once you move, everything should be in motion; when you are still, everything should be in stillness. (Master Wu Yu-hsiang).