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The Ten Fundamental Treasures – Online Tuition

The Ten Fundamental Treasures is set of very old Qigong that I was taught many years ago. Like a lot of the Qigong that Mater Bell taught me, this set is unknown to most but the exercises seem familiar to many. These Qigong share, in name only, a number of exercises that are in the …

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The Four Shen Qigong Course – Online tuition

the four shen qigong

The Four Shen Qigong course contains exercises that use focus, breathing, the vision and movement to guide the Qi and the exercises are used to alter states of awareness, giving access to higher levels of being and increasing perception. These are Active, Spiritual, Qigong. The Four Shen Qigong Course These are, Spiritual, Qigong………Spiritual in the …

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The Embroidered Brocade Qigong – enrich your Qi

embroidered brocade qigong

Some of the Embroidered Brocade Qigong exercises have similar names to those in the Ba Duan Jin (also know as the Eight Pieces of Brocade) bu they are two entirely different sets. The Embroidered Brocade is a set of seven Qigong exercises, namely: Folding Over, the Circle of Light, the Billowing Sail, the Sun and …

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5 Taoist Yin Qigong – Balance your Qi

The 5 Taoist Yin Qigong is also known simply as the 5 Yin. There are actually six Yin meridians and these exercises work with, were designed to work with, all six.  The Fire Element has two Yin meridians; the Heart Meridian and the Heart Governor. Each has its own exercise and you can, with practice, …

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Connecting Heaven & Earth – a Five Elements Qigong

connecting heaven & earth

Connecting Heaven & Earth is a Five Elements, stand-alone Qigong exercise. This course is for people who are serious about Qigong, no matter what their current level of experience is. It is for people who want to practice true Qigong, to work Internally, rather than practicing slowed down aerobics. Connecting Heaven & Earth Qigong Qigong …

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Extraordinary Meridians Qigong

These Qigong exercises work with the Qi that is stored in the Extraordinary Meridians (aka the Eight Exceptional Vessel ). These vessels are often likened to reservoirs that store Qi and blood while the Meridians can be likened to rivers that carry the Qi. The Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Working with the Qi of the Exceptional …

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